Memory Wall Design Features

There are many features both the Classic Memory Wall and the Electronic Memory Walls have. Listed below are the most common types.
Remember that the Memory Wall team is always by your side – from the initial stages of helping you pick the best wall or room for your Memory Wall to the final installation – the Memory Wall team have you covered.

The MemoryWall is a world first original patented design where elements on a wall pannel are brought together in an elaborate display portraying your most treasured photos. It has been designed so that within seconds photos can be changed and updated unlike conventional picture frames.

Listed below are common design features and consideration to take into account when choosing a wall or room for your Memory Wall to be displayed in.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in regards to any questions you may have - we are here to help.


Memory Wall Shape
Undoubtedly the most common way photos or pictures are displayed in the home or office is the use of square or rectangle frames. With the Memory Wall you have the power to display photos on a circular display, a display that wraps around the four walls of the room or even on the ceiling space. One customer had a large Classic Memory Wall made shaped like a tree to display his ancestry family tree.
Speedy Replacement of Pictures
Unlike conventional photo frames that must be removed to replace the photo inside, the Memory Wall pictures can be changed in seconds with no effort at all. The Electronic Memory Wall is synchronised with your home or office computer to receive and display photos automatically.
Canvas Colour
The Memory Wall background canvas is available in many different colours to suit the décor of your home or office:

Metalic Canvas
Colours include:

Design Elements
Only elements of the highest grade are used to construct the Memory Wall – since the beginning there has been no compromise on quality. The options for the Memory Wall design are endless and can easily be edited to match the décor of your home or office. For example, constructing the Memory Wall to have identical skirting profile of the one situated in your home or office. Popular in recent designs is the use of the rustic wrought iron look to match ornate metal furnishings.
Memory Wall Layout
One of the most exciting uses of the Memory Wall is that you are not restricted to use a rectangle/square shaped Memory Wall. In a recent design, six different Memory Walls were build in the shape of letters – once brought together the wall read the word “FAMILY” and each of the letters were filled with family photos. In a workplace, the same concept was used to read the word “INTEGRITY” which was filled with staff and client photos.
High Quality Photo Frames

The frames used on all Memory Walls are made from strong high quality plastics that have a smooth glass like appearance. They are UV protected to ensure no colour change over time and are extremely robust in case they are dropped. In displays where magnetic frames are used, only the highest quality strong magnets are utilised – because of this a photo can safely be displayed creatively on an angle or in the portrait or landscape position.

All photo frames used on the Memory Walls cover a photo completely from back to front ensuring your piece of memory is protected and lasts forever. Changing the photo takes only seconds unlike other flimsy ‘pocket’ type photo frames which may damage photos on entry.

Memory Wall Theme

The Memory Wall makes it easy to portray a specialised theme. For example your 21st birthday celebration or wedding day in a time line design from beginning to end.

The Memory Wall can also be used to honour those who have passed by displaying their life in pictures – a very touching display at the service where attendees can add photos to the display.


The Electronic Memory Wall


Currently in the prototype phase – The Electronic Memory Wall will truly revolutionise the way your favourite pictures are displayed. A world first original patented design where multiple digital screens work together to display your complete collection of digital photos. A dazzling display of fade effects, slides and zooms that a driven by a programming engine that produces an absolutely eye catching feature wall that really comes to life.
Coming very soon...


Classic Memory Wall: Accessories

Listed below are the most common types of Memory Wall Accessories to add a classy finish to your Memory Wall.

Vinyl Wall Art
An extremely popular way of finishing your Memory Wall.
A ‘one liner’ inspirational sentence that drives home the importance of special memories and living happily.
Candles, Candle Holders & Lanterns
Give your Memory Wall that country style homely feeling.
High Quality Artificial Plants
Used around the border of your Memory Wall, this accessory brightens up your Memory Wall giving it that ‘garden fresh’ feel.
Cordless Picture Lighting
Picture lights are a common way of bringing that museum feel to your Memory Wall. Using only very low energy and with adjustable neck with multi direction movement – it’s a great way to put your Memory Wall in the “spotlight.” All Cordless Picture Lights are very easy to install and each come with remote control for easy use.
Ornate Pot Plant Holders
The attachment of a planter box at the base or side of the Memory Wall with small indoor plants growing is a very nice way to finish your Memory Wall off giving it that country home feel.
Wrought Iron Wall Décor & Corner Moulds
Give your Memory wall that authentic rustic look with ornate corners and mouldings – very Tuscany inspired look.
Incense Burners
Adds the feel of a spiritual dimension to your memory wall through smell – used at remembrance services of a past loved one.
Metallic Corner Edges & Mouldings
Give your Memory Wall Edges that stand out with ornate metal or embossed metallic corners. Give your Memory Wall that three dimensional look and feel.



Memory Wall: Design Considerations

Listed below are common types of Memory Wall Design Considerations - a bit of food for thought in regards to the best possible display for your Memory Wall.

Size & Location of Your Memory Wall

A very common living space for a Memory Wall in a home is the household family room, games room, dining room or hallway. In the office environment its the reception area, meeting room or lunch room. It is important to consider a place that family or staff will regularly pass by, recalling good memories.

A wide rectangle shaped Memory Wall is well suited to sit above a dining table, lounge suite or long hallway in the office.

A tall rectangle shaped Memory Wall is well suited to tall spaces such as between bedroom doors or either side of archway entries.

A thin but long Memory Wall down the hallway of a small apartment or small area will elegantly give the illusion of long length, making the room look larger then it is.

Matching the Environment

Make sure your Memory Wall complements the room or office it shall reside in – consider the décor, style, colour and theme of the surrounding area. For example, if a Memory Wall is to be placed in family room with a very modern black gloss TV stand and black leather couches, it would be best to select a simple gloss black frame around your Memory Wall.

If a Memory Wall is to reside on a large wall space, we recommend a Memory Wall to be centred to an object on that wall, eg Couch or bench top.

Frame Spacing and Blank Space

The framed photos placed on a Memory Wall can be spaced out or brought close together. If you wish for a little space between all frames we recommend applying that precise space across the whole Memory Wall – we don’t recommend a mix of both as this forces the attention of the viewer to scatter and search to compare blank spaces – instead of focusing on great photos.

Room Lighting

It is important to have good lighting to properly enjoy a Memory Wall – no point having your memories on display if they cannot be viewed. Descent room lighting or accessorising you Memory Wall with cordless picture lights is one way to bring it to life. Is would also be a good idea not to place your Memory Wall in an area that is subject to excessive direct sunlight as the UV rays mat cause your photos to fade over time.

Picture Orientations

Having all photos displayed in a horizontal manner.

Having all photos displayed in a vertical manner.

Mix of Horizontal and Vertical:
Most popular orientation as the combination of both horizontal and vertical photos are used to canvas your Memory Wall.

Angled Orientation:
Having a display of differently angled photos to give the Memory Wall that scrap book feeling.

Grouping Photos by Event

A popular method of displaying photos on a Memory Wall is to group by event or theme. These may include family member birthdays, overseas trips or different adventures.

For example a display of your favourite Wedding Day photos may include:

On the left area of the Memory Wall, pictures displaying the groom and bride preparing for a ceremony.
In the centre area of the Memory Wall, pictures displaying the groom and bride at the reception hall having fun with family and friends after the ceremony.
On the right area of the Memory Wall, pictures displaying the groom and bride giving a farewell to family and friends as they conclude the day driving off in a get away car.



Please note that The Memory Wall is available for hire on an elegant heavy duty Easel.

A great option for your next occasion, The Memory Wall will be the main attraction of the gathering drawing the attention of on-lookers with the tendency of sparking conversations and reminiscing about the 'good old times.'

Guest themselves are encouraged to bring pictures of treasured memories to place up onto The Memory Wall for all to see.

The Memory Wall will sure be the centre of the party.
Available for hire in two popular sizes.

1. 275cm wide x 120cm high with Elegant timber frame
  Prices start from as low as $130 to Hire (delivery and pick-up not included)
  This size Memory Wall can hold up to 208 interchangeable 6x4 photos!
  An Easel/Heavy duty stand is also given with every Memory Wall hire.


2. 240cm wide x 120cm high with Elegant timber frame
  Prices start from as low as $115 to Hire (delivery and pick-up not included)
  This size Memory Wall can hold up to 181 interchangeable 6x4 photos!
  An Easel/Heavy duty stand is also given with every Memory Wall hire.


Common celebrations where The Memory Wall is extremely popular include:


Birthday Parties:
Especially 21st, 18th, 40th and 50th Birthday Celebrations.

The centre of the party! The Memory Wall is a great Canvas to showcase embarrassing photos of the birthday person. Guest attend with humorous or serious photos that are placed on The Memory Wall for all guests to see.

  Funeral or the Memorial Service of a passed loved one or friend:
People whom come to pay respects to the passing of a loved one can bring a photo with them to place up onto The Memory Wall along with other photos that tell the story of a great life lived. The Memory Wall becomes a centre piece of deep reflection and tribute.

Wedding Celebrations:
Pictures of the couple are placed on the Memory Wall in progression - pictures placed from left to right: from the first moments of dating to the final proposal and wedding planning. A great touch at the reception of the wedding day where invited guests can see the journey the couple undertook from the beginning.

The Memory Wall is a great photogenic centre piece to have in your home on the day of the wedding. Photographers and Videographers love to flaunt their creative skills with The Memory Wall as their backdrop.

  Business Conferences / Seminars / Awards Night:
Memory Wall is used to highlight memorable staff achievements displaying staff working hard from start to finish: in motion from left to right. A great way to boost staff moral by using great memories of teamwork.
The Memory Wall is a beautiful way to display the affection and love between couples over the years.
The Memory Wall is a great way to display schooling accomplishments that hard-working students have achieved.
  Sports Achievements:
The Memory Wall is a excellent way of display the highs and lows of a team sport and the fond memories made from sports teamwork.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to submit an enquiry about hiring an elegant Memory Wall at your next function.

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Photography Specialists


The Memory Wall is a truly remarkable way of showcasing your photography works to potential clients.

Customers can view a selection of your greatest work instead of flipping through a photo book page by page.

Best of all, the pictures on The Memory Wall can always be changed in seconds to suit your clientele or job type.


Please note that a custom size Memory Wall is a service we regularly offer.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote today. These custom type Memory Walls may include Memory Walls that are positioned into right angles of a wall or ornate circle designs.

Note that the above sizes are approximates only as the width of moulding selected may cause the Memory Wall to be slightly larger – a exact Memory Wall size can issued once a moulding type is selected.



Please note we offer a delivery service where your Memory Wall can be delivered right to your work place or home residence. Please contact us for pricing.


Need a hand to put your Memory Wall up? We do offer a service to professionally install your Memory Wall into its final display space – this service would include delivery to your home or office where our expert team of installers bring your wall to life! Please contact us for pricing.


Our Team: Experience Counts

The Memory Wall team is extremely knowledgeable in the area of design – so much so that over the last decade the team has built strong relationships with others in the industry to better understand how the Memory Wall can benefit customers. These people include builders, architects, carpenters, interior designers and interior decorators.



Timber Mouldings

Popular Timber Moulding Frames.

Below is a small collectioin of some of our most popular Timber Mouldings that make up the outter fram of the Memory Wall.


see full collection

37401 Espresso + SilLip Moulding
Height (mm) : 22
Width (mm) : 85
13234 Argento Grigio Moulding
Height (mm) : 40
Width (mm) : 60
223405 Black Moulding
Height (mm) : 30
Width (mm) : 70
22173 Ivory Moulding
Height (mm) : 25
Width (mm) : 68
67102 Silver Antique Moulding
Height (mm) : 45
Width (mm) : 82
5150WNM Walnut Moulding
Height (mm) : 20
Width (mm) : 55
921FFGB Black/Gold Moulding
Height (mm) : 35
Width (mm) : 70
67103 Gold Antique Moulding
Height (mm) : 45
Width (mm) : 82
312072010 Olivo Ven Moulding
Height (mm) : 35
Width (mm) : 72
22170 Black Moulding
Height (mm) : 25
Width (mm) : 68
348405 Silver Moulding
Height (mm) : 45
Width (mm) : 45
89123011 Silver Moulding
Height (mm) : 35
Width (mm) : 60
5135 MHM Mahogany Mould
Height (mm) : 20
Width (mm) : 55
27022 Argento Nero Moulding
Height (mm) : 25
Width (mm) : 70
6175DCD Mocca Moulding
Height (mm) : 20
Width (mm) : 70
70204 Seppia Moulding
Height (mm) : 20
Width (mm) : 50

see full collection



Memory Wall Canvas Colour

The Memory Wall canvas is available in many different colours to suit the décor of your home or office.

Colours include: